Chapter 8

Decimals (to the thousandths)

Chapter 8: Decimals
Chapter Introduction
Lesson 8.1- Understanding Thousandths
Lesson 8.2- Comparing and Rounding Decimals
Lesson 8.3- Rewriting Decimals as Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Problem Solving: Put on your thinking cap
Chapter Review
Chapter 8 Test Prep


Chapter 8: Decimals

This section of Khan Academy offers video tutorials on the concept of decimals and place value, regrouping decimal numbers, comparing decimals, rounding decimals, and multiplication by powers of 10.


Thinking Blocks – Bar Models that you create

(click on “Problems” tab in the lower right corner, then the Green tab in top right corner, followed by “Decimals and %” tab on left side) – addition and subtraction – regrouping to the hundredths

eclassroom – rounding decimals “Fling the Teacher” game – rounding decimals playing “connect 4” with a friend

Quia – decimals and whole numbers jeopardy game